Do You Clear The Clutter in 2017 & Go Open Source?

Do You Clear The Clutter in 2017 & Go Open Source?

No matter what industry your business is in there is always room for improvement and the opportunity for change. Most people cringe when they hear the word technology used in a sentence with the word “change.” It’s the inevitable, with technology comes change! Our team at Fobess is excited for the new year to educate our clients about using an open source technology approach in their IT infrastructure. There are dozens of benefits to using this approach including cost reduction and increased productivity. The beauty of going to an open source technology platform gives us the opportunity to offer customizable solutions at a fraction of the price when compared to propriety software applications that may or may not be any better in functionality.

An open source environment allows us to offer state of the art solutions. Those “tech gurus” working in an open software development environment are typically the best of the best, meaning these folks have spent countless hours and have an impressive resume to support their expertise in software development. What makes Fobess different from other open source consultants is our technical support. While some overlook the benefits of working in this type of environment due to the lack of support, our team at Fobess does quite the opposite…we thrive! Our consultants continue to work with clients beyond the installation and training for any open source solution we provide. Our technical support team offers round the clock support and we take full responsibility should our clients find flaws with the solutions.

Unlike proprietary solutions using an open source option can be much more customizable. Often a solution is built by developers who have a “one size fits all” mentality. Reality is “cookie cutter” applications do not work well across all industries. For example, in the healthcare industry HIPPA laws make it so providers must jump through several hoops in their data use and collection. An “off the shelf” solution may not take into account patient privacy laws. The financial industry is also highly regulated. Banks, financial advisors and even CPA’s must follow certain guidelines when shielding financial information of their clients. An open source option may offer such capabilities to keep financial institutions in compliance.

At Fobess we specialize in the following industries: healthcare, financial, banking, insurance, telecommunications, not-for-profit, and technology. Our developers are sensitive to the needs of highly regulated industries such as healthcare and financial. We encourage businesses to consider an open source application that can offer customization and better efficiencies compared to a “one size fits all” type of solution. Additionally, the expense can be astronomical with some of these proprietary models in the marketplace.

If you are looking to make changes in 2017, and find a solution that is affordable and does everything to make your business more productive we invite you to call our team at Fobess. We offer free consultations, contact us today! Call us at 352-720-3164 and let our team help you discover the best open source technology opportunities available!

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