Add value to your brand and contribute to company growth with customized mobile apps

Add value to your brand and contribute to company growth with customized mobile apps

Today, people seem to always be on the go and looking for the latest technology. People demand quick answers, easy access and time-saving applications. With society being reliant on technology, it’s important for businesses to offer what consumers are looking for.

Mobile applications may be the answer to growing your company. According to Pew Research Center, 77 percent of all U.S. adults own a smartphone, compared with the 35 percent of adults with a smartphone in 2011. This dramatic increase shows that more people are turning to technology to stay connected with society and try to make their lives easier. The Apple App Store and Google Play, the Android app store, have over two million apps each, according to the statistics gathered by Statista.

Mobile applications can boost productivity and efficiency, give your company a competitive edge, and enhance user experience. When it comes to mobile applications, the user always comes first. Although aesthetic-appeal is still important, usability and effective interaction should be the top priority when developing a mobile app. A user wants to use their mobile app to save them time. From banking to shopping, there are mobile apps to serve the consumers’ needs.

According to Computer Weekly, A mobile app can help your company generate more income. If consumers can easily make a dinner reservation at a restaurant or purchase what they need, they are more likely to spend more money. Through the mobile app, you can also receive advertising income through in-app advertisements.

Mobile apps also help your company grow by users promoting your company. They can easily share products, reservations, tickets or specials via social media. The more users share content from the app, the more free publicity your company receives. You can also use push notifications to send upcoming specials directly to customers’ phones.

At Fobess, we can help you with your mobile needs. Our mobile technology group have great experience and many skills on different mobile technology innovations. When it comes to building mobile applications, we provide cross-platform mobile database integration. We’ll create a user-friendly program that serves your consumers’ needs. Contact us today to see how we can make the mobile application that’s perfect for you.

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