Share the Love This Valentine’s Season!

Share the Love This Valentine’s Season!

How much do you love your employees? Have you realized the heart of your business is in your employees? It’s these people that make your business a success…or a failure.

Human resource trends for 2017 suggest that investing in employees can help keep a company at the top of their game. With the influx of Millennials entering the workplace, emergent technologies, and focus on retaining current employees, a human resource department has its hands full. This is where an open source development company such as Fobess can help. Our consultants can help your company manage and streamline data. Transitioning from an antiquated system to a human resources management open source software can help improve work flow, streamline business processes, and eliminate redundancies.

Collecting and using big data can help companies pinpoint areas that need improvement, help track employee development, and improve employee performance. Offering “perks” such as fitness memberships and in house massages is slowly going away in favor of offering employees flexible/remote work schedules and more opportunities to pursue professional goals such as continuing education.

The use of people analytics becomes more predictive. This technology helps companies identify the best candidates for a job, helps a company to re-organize structure, and can help retain employees by identifying key aspects of dissatisfaction. Every company and situation is different. Fobess offers customized, sophisticated human resources management technology to fit a company’s specific needs. Be it creating a tracking program that focuses on employee engagement, an analytical program to help with the hiring process, a program to provide employees with an ongoing performance review process, or even a mobile app so that future employees can apply for a job via their smart phone. The scope of human resource management software has improved over the years to also offer the ability for employees to access specific benefits such as vacation time accrual.

Streamlining human resource systems and generating real-time data is our goal for all HR software solutions we offer. Our open source human resource software applications are customizable and affordable for small to medium size businesses. If your business is struggling to manage employee records, benefits, sick time and leave it may be time to consider making a change to how you manage your human resources. We invite you to contact our Mt. Dora, Florida office at 352-720-3164 for a consultation. Let us help clean up your human resources functions so you can keep the employees you really LOVE!

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