Top 5 Questions to Ask before Choosing a Software Development Company

Top 5 Questions to Ask before Choosing a Software Development Company

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Companies often internally build software, websites, and applications to meet their business needs. However, often those teams have limited bandwidth to bring the projects to completion in a timely manner. When internal resources can’t meet project demands, companies  turn to third-party development.

Finding a reliable, trustworthy software partner in a highly competitive market is difficult. Before selecting the best outsourcing partner, it’s essential to narrow the search by carefully considering if your partner will meet your needs. By taking the time to evaluate and assess each potential partner thoroughly, you can ensure that the company you choose will provide you with the best results.

Financial considerations will always be a primary aspect of the decision-making process. However, selecting a development partner solely based on cost can result in outcomes that reflect the low investment. Unfortunately low quality is often directly proportional to low cost.

Before committing to a software provider, companies should answer the following questions to ensure the best possible project outcome.

Question No 1: What is their expertise level and industry experience?

The following points are important considerations:

  • Understand what development standards they use to make sure they adhere to industry best practices.
  • Ask if they have experience working in your industry and request references
  • Ask how many years experience they have

Question No 2: Do they have prior experience with my technologies?

Choosing a software development company with experience in a wide range of technologies ensures that you will be offered a development team capable of supporting your needs. Projects almost always encounter unanticipated issues, and having the right experience will reduce time spent testing, and debugging code.

Question No 3: How well will they communicate my goals to their developers?

Communication is a critical factor when hiring a software development partner. Poor communication can lead to a lack of understanding of project requirements and deliverable expectations. Language, communication transparency, and time zone differences are items that must be addressed upfront.

Question No 4: What is the size and availability of the resource pool in the event my project needs change?

When starting a new project, many companies worry only about price, communication, and expertise. One thing that is often overlooked is whether or not a company can adapt the size of a team depending on project needs. Most of the time, this concern comes up after the initial stages of project planning when it may not be possible to quickly adjust.  A deep pool of resources ensures flexibility and can prevent project delays.

Question No 5: Who owns the source code?

Some companies charge usage fees for software their teams develop for the client. Many clients are not aware of this practice as they expect fully customized software to have no additional fees or charges. When choosing an outsourcing partner, it is critical to consider who will own the data and source code once the project is completed.

Businesses should be aware of any additional fees associated with releasing or using code, data, or maintenance/support that extends beyond the project’s completion.


Choosing the optimum software development partner for your business is crucial to achieving your goals and ensuring user satisfaction. When looking for a development partner to meet long-term outsourcing needs, it is vital to consider more than just cost.

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